Countdown: just over 70 days to go!

Quick few updates

6/8/20242 min read

Just over 70 days to go!

Preparations are going well and we started counting down to August. Final route tweaks are being checked, the ride guide draft is almost complete, rider caps are in production and the arrangements with the locations for Start and Checkpoints are being finalized. We are now around 20 riders on the start list! Registration is still open for those considering :).

The riders may expect the Rider Guide in the last week of June or first week of July. The route GPX will follow end of July as there are some final bits to check, mostly to check mud conditions, potentially overgrown paths or just an idea to improve the route.

With June well on it's way, the sun hopefully is here to stay. Many weeks (months actually) of rain left their marks on the track. Conditions were dependent on the section and soil, but some were extremely muddy as can be seen on one of the photos below. Other sections are just perfectly fine to ride.

Our partner is a webshop with a wide range of sports nutrition products for endurance athletes. They are based in the Netherlands, but deliver internationally. Exclusively for our participants there is an option to order sports nutrition via the website for 10% discount on your order.

During Arden2Eifel we will be eager to see photos shot by participants during the challenge. The participant who makes the most beautiful picture during the event and tags us on Instagram will be awarded a nice sport nutrition package from The final decision on the photo will be made by the organization and volunteers involved.

That is it for now. If any questions, just reach out.