Final call for registration!

Final call for registration! Only 9 more days to register for the first edition of Arden2Eifel.

7/6/20241 min read

As the summer holiday period approaches, so is the deadline for the registration of Arden2Eifel. Registration for the inaugural editions closes end of day July 15th!

If still pondering whether to join, don't hesitate any longer :).

Final preparations are going well and various recon rides were done the past weeks. The warmer weather seems to have improved the conditions of some of the muddier sections. Also, start and check point preparations have now been finalized.

From here on it is really counting down the days until the event. So far, 21 brave souls have already registered and we are thankful and excited to greet them in Bersillies in only just over 6 weeks.

See you in August!

Djoeke & Jefte