Merry Christmas

Towards many exciting bike adventures in 2024!

12/24/20231 min read

Merry Chrismas and happy New Year! We wish you many exciting bike adventures for 2024! One such adventures may just be in August ... :).

Looking back at the past year, we have had the chance to ride some enjoyable (and sometimes tough) adventures ourselves in Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and France, but also closer to our home in the Netherlands. We know small bike adventures are just beyond the front door of your own house.

Over the past year our idea of an own bikepacking challenge came to maturity and we were able to realize the foundations for Arden2Eifel. One of the ambitions is to incorporate various aspects of what draws us to these kind of events like varied routes through beautiful, tough terrain, staffed check-points and the odd hike-a-bike. But in the end, what makes these events tick are the participants and chance encounters on route.

Registration has been open since November and we are happy with the 15+ people who already signed up so far. We are excited to welcome you in August next year. For those who are thinking about signing up, there is still room for more!

Happy bike adventures and see you in 2024!


Djoeke & Jefte