Spring update

Quick update now the sun starts to shine more!

3/21/20242 min read

Spring is finally here! Temperatures are going up and the weather seems to be improving. What a contrast with the past months, which have been wet, very wet.

Over the past winter period, we did several more recon rides on several parts of the track. Overall the conditions of the track seem to be fine, even after several days of rainy weather. We did make some amendments here and there to make the overall route experience more enjoyable.

We did receive the occasional question on the ride-ability of the route on a gravel bike (also given posted route pics on a gravel bike - albeit it with 54 mm tires). Let's be clear, in our opinion the recommendation of a mountainbike is sound. Yes, there are several parts and even longer sections which are perfect or rideable on a gravelbike. The mountainbike advice is based on the route in its totality, considering the overall changing terrain on the route, the comfort such a bike gives, the gearing it brings and the handling it provides both up and downhill.

More recon riding coming up in the coming months.

In the meantime, we have also been working on other parts of the preparations. One of those things, being the personalized caps for Arden2Eifel. Djoeke took it upon herself to make the caps, benefiting from her seamstress pastime history. The work in progress looks promising!

All participants will receive their own cap. So if you want one, make sure you are registered for Arden2Eifel 2024!

More updates soon on partners, GPS tracking and other topics.

Happy riding and see you soon!


Djoeke & Jefte